Course for AIS Sommelier in Tirana

The Italian Sommelier Association,in order to enhance the culture of wine, to promote the knowledge and responsible consumption of wines and other alcoholic beverages, offers an educational path structured in three levels, to offer the trainee a technical and cultural background that allows him to acquire the title of Sommelier and, if in possession of the required requisites, of Professional Sommelier.

The professional qualification course for Sommeliers is organized in three levels and membership of the association is essential to participate. Attendance to lessons is compulsory, a maximum of two absences are allowed for each level. The course ends with a final exam divided into two days to verify the candidate's cultural and technical-practical preparation. Candidates who pass the final exam receive the Sommelier Certificate, the tastevin with chain and the badge.

At the end of each of the first two levels there is an exam that will take place online. The final exam will take place at the course venue, in the presence of an AIS Italia commission.

Il corso gestito dal AIS Club Albania si svolgerà in aula in lingua italiana, e sarà tenuto da relatori AIS Italia, che si connetteranno alla classe da remoto. Le lezioni saranno formate da una parte teorica e, dove previsto da programma, da una degustazione di 2 o 3 diverse etichette.

The 1st level explores the topics of viticulture, enology, tasting techniques and service, which represent the basis of the professionalism of the Sommelier, starting from the correct serving temperature of the wines up to the organization and management of the cellar.

The 2nd level explores the world of wine and leads to the knowledge of Italian and foreign production, with particular attention to the indissoluble bond with the territory. The 2nd level also perfects the wine tasting technique, which is crucial to be able to appreciate every sensorial nuance and, in particular, to express an opinion on its quality.

The 3rd  deals with the "Methodology of food-wine pairing" and through the tasting of the different types of wine and multiple preparations of dishes, the path to reach the qualification of Sommelier is completed. At the end of the third level there is a final exam; the test is divided into two days and will be aimed at verifying the cultural and technical-practical preparation of the aspiring Sommelier. Candidates who pass the final exam will receive the Sommelier Diploma.


Le iscrizioni al corso sono attualmente chiuse.
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Hotel Boutique Kotoni
Rruga Donika Kastrioti, 3 – Tiranë, Albania

7 April 2022

From 18.30 to 20.30 *

Places available

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€ 200 deposit by bank transfer to confirm registration.

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WhatsApp +393495168543

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WhatsApp +393496513647

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    AIS annual
    fee The cost of the AIS membership card is 90 euros and is compulsory. It includes a series of concessions and initiatives throughout the Italian territory.

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    • Textbooks and cards for the sensory analysis of wines (in digital format)
    • A case containing the tasting glasses.

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